Trump Fights!

Like Rush Limbaugh, I am having a ball watching the media squirm, trying to deal with Trump.  He is clearly someone in politics they've never experienced  before.  With lightweights like McCain and Romney, they simply handed them their rear ends on a silver platter, with parsley and an order of slaw on the side.  Both played by the "rules" and took the obvious consequences.  McCain, especially, was the worst.  He had the "goods" on Obama -- Bill Ayers and Reverend "God DAMN America!" Wright -- not to mention Obie's very radical past.  But he chose to be the gentleman about it, and mentioned very little of it.  Romney also played the game, and mentioned NONE of these associations.  He instead smiled and said stupid stuff like "He's a nice guy, he's just in over his head."  If Mitt had gone after Obama with the same spirit he attacked Trump, he very well could've won.  Obama was not the victor in 2012, as much as Romney was the loser -- or "choker" as Trump correctly put it.


Now along comes The Donald, who fights.  And he fights everyone.  He fought against the Republican establishment, Hollywood, the news media, TV talk show hosts, the left, and well... the world.  He took on Mexico and the Muslim religion.  Oh, and let's not forget CHINA!  He took on the Carrier air conditioning folks.  But instead of losing popularity, he gained it.  And it drives the left and media types NUTS!  


Think back.  At first the political pundits said that he wouldn't even run.  Then they sneered when he entered the race.  Ann Coulter, on the lame Bill Maher HBO show, was practically laughed off the stage early on, when she said Donald Trump was the favorite to win the Republican nomination.  I thought Bill Maher was going to choke on his own smugness.  No such luck.  Now, as Trump started to do well in the primaries, we were told by political insiders -- Karl Rove especially comes to mind -- that Mr. T had a "ceiling" and that as the field narrowed, he'd fade.  But he kept picking up momentum.  THENNN, after he won the nomination, Republican insiders and Democrats wondered how in the world such a weak candidate could be the nominee.  THIS was the election Republicans should win, and they blew it.  Conventional wisdom.  Don't leave the convent without it.


As the election season wore on, the political geniuses proclaimed that Trump's "negatives" were too high.  But guess what?  As time went on, those negatives went down, and the intensity of his supporters went UP!  He could fill arenas, while Hillary got luke warm support in gyms.  During all of this, Trump kept on the warpath, although a LITTLE subdued, compared to how he started out.  But he NEVER stopped fighting.  Polls be damned, he just kept doing his thing.  I'm sure he listened to a lot of people, but the final decisions were his.


This was the most incredible election of my lifetime, and probably the most important.  A candidate with no political experience comes out of nowhere, to win.  Other nominees without political chops were generals.  Trump wasn't even in the military.  He was just your typical billionaire, haha.  He ran up a million or so into a fortune.  He built where the "smart" people said he shouldn't.  He was there in the trenches.  So when he decided to run for president, I guess it didn't occur to him for a split second to run a traditional campaign.  It's just not his style.  He is a genius in the tradition of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and so many others who saw the world differently.  Hey, he's not a saint, and neither were Ford and Jobs.  But we're not voting for saint.  We voted for someone who could change the direction of a very off course nation.


Ohhhhh, and then after he WON, the left and the media -- same things -- went nuts. This is when it was both frustrating and FUN!  Frustrating, because he was called Nazi, homophobe, racist, sexist, and the worst thing to happen to America since "The View" and fun because Trump kept hammering back.  He didn't know he wasn't supposed to do that.


So, anyway, the mainstream media is all upset because Trump called CNN, "Fake News!" the other day.  He's still fighting.  Now, if you watch TV, you might get the idea that our president elect is overstepping.  But there are millions like me that appreciates him fighting the good fight.  


It's not like I don't have some problems with our PEOTUS.  I have problems with EVERY candidate, in varying degrees.  But I won't go into them at this time.  Let the left do their OWN dirty work.  All I want to say, and have been saying, is that it's about time we have a president who FIGHTS!  That makes up for a lot.  I can't WAIT for him to get sworn in.  On election day, Hillary can be seen on her broom, writing in the sky, "Surrender, Dorothy!"  I'm sorry, there was part of me that thought that was clever.  You get what you pay for.



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  2. magnocrat

    You have to remember a surge to the right was already underway, the ground was prepared by world events. Shrewd men like Donald sense the popular mind they are springing up all over Europe. China will not be left out it has increasing industrial muscle, and the brutally Muslim Saudi’s will hold their own due to oil wealth.

    January 14, 2017
  3. Munkyman

    The press are not polite, they deserve to be treated in kind. If they want to try to shout down the person giving the press conference, they can be shown the door, They have no right to have their individual questions answered & every President has played favorites with these reporters & ignored those… CNN is not used to being one of “those” & they are having a tantrum over it.

    January 14, 2017
  4. willsblog

    It’s true that Republicans have generally taken the high road as the Liberals have lied, cheated and stolen from anyone and everyone. The whole issue of abortion, discrimination and racism is all built on a lie and the Liberals know it. For whatever reason, the Republicans have not set the record straight even though there is lots of supporting evidence to show that the Liberals have lied about history.

    January 14, 2017
  5. stevehayes13

    Trump needs to bear in mind at all times that the corporate news media think they are the opposition. Calling them fake news from time to time is a useful tactic, but most importantly, he needs to talk directly to the people and he needs to focus on the policy positions that got him elected.

    January 15, 2017
  6. claudiamoffitt

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    May 03, 2017