Thomas Sowell Retires His Weekly Column.

January 1, 2017.  Cool.


I guess I could post about the past year.  God knows  there was a LOT going on!  My adopted Cubs won the World Series.  Donald Trump kept America from electing a disaster in a pantsuit, better known as Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama has been reduced to the nobody that he really is, despite acting like a baby in his final days.  I honestly believe that electing Trump saved the nation.  I almost cried tears of joy when HRC conceded.  I look forward to dumping Obamacare, protecting our borders, keeping out potential terrorists and those who basically hate American culture ... what else?  Putting sane people on our federal courts (especially the SC), cutting taxes, bringing jobs back, dumping useless regulations, rebuilding the military, and ohhhhh so much more.  For wanting to do all of these things, Donald Trump's opponents have called him a racist, Nazi, sexist, homophobe, and a carrier of cooties.  But I don't want to rehash this.  Instead, I want to post about my hero, Thomas Sowell.


I was very sad to read Dr. Sowell's retirement from writing his weekly column.  He's eighty-six, and I've been reading him for well over twenty years.  Not just his columns, but a number of his books.  He is the voice of Libertarian/conservative reason.  And reason he does.  He builds his case from the ground up, and knows his facts.  I recommend going on Youtube and seeing him in action.  From affirmative action, education reform, the true facts about welfare, teaching basic economics, understanding "diversity", and so much more, he has had a profound impact on how I view the world.  And I know I'm hardly the only one he has affected.


Sowell is the rare intellectual who actually knows what it's like to be poor, to struggle, to experience the difficulties of life, and come out the other side.  A black man raised in the South, well, he has seen the worst of racism.  Today's black youth and many "leaders" would have use think that America's so terribly racist, that nothing has changed in the last sixty years or so.  Sowell has seen it all.


I love intellectuals that aren't full of themselves.  I mean, Sowell studied under Nobel Prize winning economist, Dr. Milton Friedman.  But when he writes, he always writes in basic English.  No fancy words when they're not needed.  He goes from point A to point B, without sounding like a pompous a-hole, like so many with doctorates do.  Imagine an academic that is actually INTERESTING!  I've mentioned this once or twice before: I challenge any liberal to read ten of his columns, without coming away with a different point of view, if not an epiphany.


Thomas Sowell, in his younger days, was actually a Marxist, but experience in the real world changed his mind.  Michelle Malkin remarked that although a Marxist, he had the ability to appreciate reason.  It didn't take long for him to see the error of his ways.  He deals in reality, not in ideology.  He made his readers aware of things that the "mainstream media" either wasn't aware of, or just chose to ignore.  For example, the "wage gap" between men and women is a MYTH.  Men and women doing the same job, with the same amount of education and experience, earn basically the same wages.  The difference between the sexes have nothing to do with the ohhhh so evil sexism that feminists have been yammering on about for the last fifty years.  Women drop out of the work force to raise children.  They tend to choose less dangerous jobs (well over ninety percent of workplace deaths are men).  He also points out that economics is a fluid thing.  People move up and down the economic ladder, with the tendency being to move up.  Few people who are poor today, will be in that situation in twenty years.  I never really thought about it until Thomas Sowell pointed it out.  Liberals would have us believe that we're all locked into some capitalist caste system.


But I think the best thing about this wonderful man, is that he makes the case that big government is actually HURTING the people it claims it helps.  Believe me, he can give all the facts and numbers to back it up.


There literally is no one alive today, that I would rather spend the day with, than Dr. Sowell.  Seriously.  That includes actors, singers, writers, and athletes of all sports.  I can't blame him for quitting his column at the age of eighty-six (he wants to do more photography, a passion of his); however, I will really miss reading his take on what's going on in America, and the world.  There are other columnists that I enjoy reading.  Ann Coulter is hilarious, and her irreverence really gets me going.  Michelle Malkin is always a good read.  Rarely do I disagree with her.  Walter Williams is a friend of Sowell's, who had a similar background, and he's another great read.  But Thomas Sowell is the best, and I'll really miss my weekly read.  



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Comments (3)

  1. willsblog

    A lot of people have told me that they would have hidden their firearms and ammunition if HRC had defrauded her way into the Presidency. I was thinking about contingency plans IF HRC would have gotten back in.

    January 01, 2017
  2. Munkyman

    He carried the Buckley torch better than the younger Buckley has.

    January 01, 2017
  3. LovingLasVegas

    He did a great job, that’s for sure.

    January 02, 2017