Enjoying the Left's Misery.

The stupidity of the political left is even worse than yours truly believed, which is saying a LOT.  Ohhhhh, Hillary lost because of "fake news."  Ohhhh, she lost because the Russians hacked into our voting system thing-a-ma-bobbies.  Ohhhh, she lost because of white supremacists.  This is the political equivalent of the old excuse of the kid who didn't turn his assignment into his teacher: The DOG ate my homework!  Cracks me up.  These jerks apparently will NEVER learn.  Hey, let's continue with Nancy Pelosi!  Go for it.  They still think that the American people are on their side.  They lose governorships, state legislatures, House, Senate, and now the presidency, and they STILL don't get it!  But Vegas, Hillary won the POPULAR vote!  Indeed.  She also lost thirty of fifty states, and over eighty percent of the counties across the nation.  Hillary creamed Trump in California and New York.  God bless our big cities with all their welfare and food stamp recipients, eh?  Well, outside of these welfare havens, Trump kicked butt.  The Obama/Clinton strategy of creating dependency,  pandering to Hispanics and even illegals, didn't work.  And yeah, California and New York do figure into any election, but keep in mind that they already have a HUGE amount of electoral votes.  But that doesn't mean that the enormous amount of popular votes should give them extra influence.  It has been pointed out that each state has its own interests, and we are the United STATES of America, and that's why we have the electoral system.  New York and California have their extra electors based on population, but they don't get extra influence beyond those electors.  If Hillary had won the way Trump did, there would be no complaints about the "unfair" electoral system.


Donald Trump has a tremendous opportunity to give us REAL change.  But the left will fight him to the end.  I hope they do, because they'll lose.  On a personal note, I can't tell everyone how nervous I was about the recent election.  On the one hand, I believed Trump could get his supporters out, more than Hillary could. And he was ahead in a few respected polls.  On the other hand, Hillary was the "smart money" pick.  The idea that she could win, and TOTALLY screw up America for decades, was unbearable.  In any case, America was saved.  The people made the right choice, for many reasons, not in the least was that if the leftists are protesting in the streets, Trump is doing SOMETHING right -- or I should say, PLENTY right.  When libs get upset, I am always happy!  And right now, these clowns are beside themselves.


Ohhhh, and if you think they're upset now, just wait until Trump gets to work!  He hasn't even taken office and they're all upset about his appointees.  It will be soooooo cool when they go batcrap crazy over building a wall, ending Obamacare, keeping Muslims out of the country, new education policy, TAX CUTS, his Supreme Court nominee, and plenty more.  Hey, if you play the stock market, invest in popcorn, because there will be millions like me, munching away, enjoying the misery of leftists who can whine like two-year-olds, but won't get their way.  I like mine with extra butter.


It will be so much fun to not have a president that will stand up for domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matter.  A president who will actually allow drilling, pipelines, and won't lose sleep over the fate of some fishy that no one has ever heard of.  


The Trump win has got to annoy leftists to no end.  These preening jerks didn't think he'd get the nomination.  Many WANTED him to be the Republican choice, because he would be so easy to beat.  It was just like when all of the "smart" Democrats rooted for Reagan to get his party's nod.  Now that Trump has won, they're going ballistic.  And they're embarrassing themselves?  The Trump and Hitler comparison is particularly stupid.  Enforcing immigration law and keeping out potential terrorists is somehow fascist?  Right, THAT makes sense.  What they're really mad about is that Trump not only upset their apple cart, he is making CIDER.



In any case, I am so looking forward to more whining and temper tantrums from the left.  In a way, I think they LIKE the fact that Trump won.  Now they can piss and moan for at least four more years.  Liberals are never happier than when they're miserable.


Can't wait until January 20th.  Keep in mind what I said about popcorn.  You're welcome.


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Comments (10)

  1. jaageet

    Sounds like you really went through a tough eight years of Obama.

    December 09, 2016
  2. LovingLasVegas

    You didn’t?

    December 09, 2016
  3. stevehayes13

    The popular vote meme makes zero sense. First, those were not the rules. Second, abolishing the Electoral College would require an amendment of the Constitution: ie, two thirds in both House and Senate and ratification by three quarters of the States. The Democrat Party has less chance of achieving that than it does of winning the Electoral College – and they know it. The popular vote meme is simply designed to appeal to their half-awake supporters as a way of denying Trump’s presidency of legitimacy.

    December 09, 2016
    1. Munkyman

      At this point the popular vote would have thrown the choice to Congress, no one got a true majority of the popular vote & without a majority Congress decides. Hillary attained a plurality, not enough to win.

      December 09, 2016
  4. LovingLasVegas

    Little babies.

    December 09, 2016
  5. willsblog

    Personally, I don’t enjoy ANYONE’S misery, suffering nor pain. The fact that the Left creates and causes their own pain isn’t any consolation to me. The fact that they consider lying, propaganda and theft “necessary” to achieve their goals is bothersome. What I find puzzling and perplexing is that 40 – 50% of the country WANT to be lied to. What I find confusing is that 40 – 50% of the country want to deny the rest of the country rights, freedoms and God given equality under the guise of Liberalism.

    December 09, 2016
  6. GovMisdirection

    Speak for yourself, I voted for Trump for ‘unchange’, not change. (not a real word) Unchange everything Obama changed! BTW – I posted a blog that no one read showing that for counting population to determine how many Electoral College votes a state gets, they count “undocumented criminal aliens” !!! That gives California and NY an advantage. I think California got 4-5 delegates because of UCAs, and the rest of the country gets the shaft.

    December 09, 2016
  7. EyeVey

    I think this outcome is a true reflection of the mood in this country. Change, and the retirement of political dynasties.
    You’re right, big babies.

    December 10, 2016
    1. jaageet

      There are two moods in this country – one for the change you mean; and the other, for the dissembling of American traditions.

      December 10, 2016
  8. biancaclogstoun

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    August 08, 2017