I just read that there's a bill being drafted that will, if passed, get rid of the Department of Education.  I have my doubts it will go anywhere, but it's great to hear that there are some true conservatives out there.  To so many on the right, the idea is to slow down the growth of government.  Think about that for a sec.  They don't even want to lessen the size of the existing government, they just want to see it grow more slowly.  They don't act on principle, only on politics.  Ohhhhh, but Vegas, they ARE politicians.  Whaddya expect?  I'll tell you what I expect.  I expect politicians to act on their core beliefs.  Sometimes there's no choice but to settle for half a loaf.  I get that, but a Senator or Representative can still act on principle.  Hey,  I don't think much of liberal Democrats, but they do tend to strive to meet their ridiculous and dangerous goal of an all-powerful government.  But Republicans who operate under the philosophy that government has particular functions, and specific limitations, ironically, are considered "extreme."  Amazing.


I find it incredibly amazing when I hear some people on TV asking citizens to donate to "Save the music", or keep art in our public schools.  Really?  How can these programs be in trouble, if they used to exist WITHOUT any federal money at ALL?  When I went to school, federal money for education didn't exist.  But we had a marching band, a jazz band, art classes, a Thespian group, and pretty much everything schools have now.  We even had "Booster Clubs" which helped buy sports uniforms and supplies.  The PTA would help raise money for the schools.  How DID we exist without federal help?


But to listen to people today, you'd think that without the education status quo, kids would be totally illiterate, and even starve to death. Nonsense.  I went to an average school.  I remember in elementary school, long before federal school lunches, we all "brown-bagged" it, although we could buy milk for a nickel, or a pre-cooked hamburger heated up in a toaster oven.  Sometimes a kid forgot his lunch.  The teacher would mention it, and there was no shortage of kids willing to donate a half sandwich, or other parts of their lunch.  It was no big deal.  But today, if someone suggested dropping the school lunch program, it would be political suicide.  Hey, it's LUNCH!  A sandwich, piece of fruit, and maybe a cupcake or two.  You know, something the parent can put together that the child will actually EAT, instead of some inedible "healthy" piece of crap that the kids toss in the garbage.  Just sayin'.


When I was in school, well, let me just say that I will put my high school education up there against what the average kid gets these days that passes for an education.  We read Shakespeare, memorized the Gettysburg address, and actually STUDIED the founding of America, and the development of our country.  We didn't sit around giving our opinions on things.  Well, occasionally, but mostly we learned what was put in front of us, with occasional classroom discussions.  Most of my teachers understood that opinions without knowledge were just a waste of time.  Oh, and I firmly believe that ninety percent of my teachers would break out laughing at any kid who said "You're hurting my self-esteem."  It's not that our teachers didn't like us, but our education came before any fragile egos.


We didn't study "the environment" although I do recall hearing about conservation.  Long before global warming, it was "soil erosion" that was going to do us all in.  Whatever.  For those who didn't want to go to college, our high school offered courses in agriculture and shop.  Other schools offered instruction in various trades.  For those who wanted to go to college, there was a strict curriculum.  I still remember it:  In math, two years of algebra and a year of geometry was a minimum.  Science: biology, chemistry, and physics.  And all were required to take four years of English, instead of three.  Most colleges insisted their prospective students be prepared.  There were no "remedial" programs.  Students were supposed to be ready to achieve.  I also recall, that in my high school, and most high schools at the time, athletes tended to be above average students -- sometimes honor students.  Anyone who didn't maintain at the very least a "C" average, was tossed from the team.  I know that a "C" isn't very impressive these days, but back then there was no grade inflation.  A "C" wasn't much to brag about, but it was respectable.


Ohhhh, and I almost forgot.  Before the federal government got involved in giving money to colleges, higher education was actually AFFORDABLE.  It was very common for students to work their way through college with part time work during the school year, and full time work in the summer.  Try doing that today.  



Personally, I think a college education is overrated.  Some professions like medicine, law, jobs involving the sciences, or even teaching, demand a degree.  But seriously, what kind of job is out there that calls for a major in gender or Black studies?  Unfortunately, there are too many employers who will hire a college grad over someone with "only" a HS diploma, even though there's nothing the college grad studied that has anything to do with the job he or she is applying for.  Give me a veteran, any day of the week, over some wet behind the ears kid with no experience in discipline, dependability, and working towards a common goal.  But that's just me.


In any case, from my point of view, getting rid of the Department of Education is a good start.  It doesn't mean I don't like education.  I love education.  I love the field of medicine, too.  That doesn't mean, however, I support QUACKERY! 





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Comments (10)

  1. Munkyman

    I favor an Education Dept. Jefferson considered the general education of the people to be the only safe guard for the republic. I do not favor the way ours works. I think it should be very much the same thing I think the FBI should be. A resource for the states & municipalities, A small group established to support the states & help them when they’re having issues by showing them what other states did to confront similar issues. There is a best lecture on this & a best lecture on that… we have video, everyone can get those lectures from the people who made them the best. There’s a best way to teach this kid & a best way to teach that one… the Dept. of Education should be developing computer aided learning programs to take advantage of these differences. Likewise I think the FBI should not be a crime fighting organization, they should be the nation’s lab… forensics for the states, databases & profiling experts on loan. The US Marshal Service is the most constitutionally sound federal law enforcement agency.

    March 12, 2017
    1. LovingLasVegas

      The Department of Education has two problems: First, it’s not a function of the federal government to educate American’s young people. Second, the government is naturally inefficient. The idea that ohhhh, if only we did things differently … is right up there with everything would be fine if welfare were handled in a different manner. If only … The Department of Education will not work no matter how it’s set up, because it will be overseen by politicians.

      March 12, 2017
      1. Munkyman

        It is it’s job to act as a sort of clearing house for what the other states are doing, a conduit for the states to share strategies for education, law enforcement, parks management…. As I said I think it could be useful as a resource not as a governing entity. There are things that should be taught a little different in each state & there are some things that should be taught exactly the same way everywhere in the US, math is a good example of where a federal set of standards is useful & between video lectures & video game tutorials there may not be much need for actual teachers anymore.

        March 14, 2017
  2. stevehayes13

    Actually educating children for the jobs market is already obsolete. Within twenty years old a tiny minority of people will have jobs.

    March 12, 2017
    1. Munkyman

      Jefferson wasn’t that concerned with an education for jobs, it was to be well rounded & competent enough in reason to rule ourselves & not be suckered by a ruling class of politicians & their corporate/banker sponsors.

      March 12, 2017
    2. EyeVey

      Steve, excellent point! I was just having this same discussion with a friend about an hour ago.
      School administrators are far too many and there’s not a lot of oversight either,
      Government needs to either fund the mandates or revoke them.

      March 12, 2017
  3. magnocrat

    All governments love to expand and they can because they have unlimited funds.
    In my youth there was one UK Parliament , now we have three. The archaic House of Lords is bigger than ever and we have more MPs than ever before.
    Education has become a golden calf so that half the nation must attend university and as a result get into serious debt.
    I bet that algebra came in useful at work eh?
    Most of what is taught is never used in the practical business of work.

    March 12, 2017
    1. Munkyman

      As a cook algebra comes in handy quite often & geometry too. It’s used more in how it teaches us to think than remembering ALL the formulas. A budget is an algebraic equation.

      March 12, 2017
  4. magnocrat

    You make a good case but you’re stretching things. When did you last solve a quadratic to facilitate work? They are mathematical toys just as dead Latin and should be put aside except for the few research scientists who may use them on the odd occasion. Besides computers do all the maths we need, no school children need to recite their twelve times table as I did. Even electronics has become a replacement trade ,diagnostics tells the technician what is wrong he removes the part and replaces. The architect points his laser and it does the geometry he needs no sines or cosines or tangent tables.

    March 12, 2017
  5. willsblog

    Department of education. Lol, it’s sort of like Military Intelligence, Pro-Choice or some other such hyperbole. It’s only a Liberal organization to brainwash our children. It sucks tax payer dollars and gives nothing in return, typical Liberal nonsense. It’s like Obama criticizing former President Bush for a nine trillion dollar deficit so he raised it to 20+ trillion.

    March 12, 2017